Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Tech Tools: Pinterest

Pinterest (Pin + Interest) has been gaining attention lately and it's a wonderful tool.  A recent partnership with Etsy, millions in venture funding, and the fact that they are hiring like mad means you will probably be seeing a lot more of Pinterest and more ways to use it!

Pinterest profile page showing my latest "pins"
What does it do?
If you like to record inspiration, explore design (including typography), or have interest in the worlds of fashion design, home decor, and kitchen delights, you'll find a community of like minds immediately.

The "Pin it" button can be found
 in the lower right of any Etsy listing.
Pinterest can be more (or less!) than all that though.  It's simply an online bulletin board, where you can create your own public boards and sift through the collections of others. Etsy recently added a "pin it" button on each item listing, so it's easier than ever to share your own items, create collections and mood boards, and save ideas for gifting.

How do I start?
Pinterest is easiest to use if you are accustomed to other services that add a button to your browser searchbar, like's wish list button.  If that makes no sense, you can still get started, just don't forget that you will be able to add your own Pins from any site once you get the hang of the browser bar.

First thing: sign up!  Etsy has created an invite link.  I chose to connect my account with Facebook so I don't have to remember new passwords.

Pinning from a browser window~
Next: go ahead and add the "Pin it" button to your browser. Use this link.  Now, whenever you see an image you like, you can click the "Pin it" button (link) on your browser and add the image to one of your boards.  Pinterest walks you through it via pop-up windows.
Explore!  That's what Pinterest is all about, check out the categories up top, look for your friends by linking with Facebook, and start adding original content by pinning from sites outside of Pinterst itself.  It can be easiest to pin from other users, but don't forget that's not all you can do!

Check out our collaborative board.  Please post your username and a link to your profile in the comments below if you would like to follow and be followed by fellow SF Etsians.

Extra Credit:

  • You can add your own "Pin it" and "Follow" to your personal site or blog buttons if you host your own website. 
  • There are mobile versions, you can take photos from your Ipad or Iphone and pin them.
  • Pinterest etiquette~ check out some emerging suggestions from other users.

Please do share your experience and questions in the comments below!


If you're an Etsy seller in the San Francisco Bay Area, contact Jen from Mama's Magic Studio about joining SFEtsy!


Fits Your Fancy said...

I've been pinning to my Pininterest account everytime I see something beautiful made by an Etsyian.


newsprout said...

I went to sign up from my Twitter account and it said that I had to agree to give Pinterest full access to my account other than my password. It said they could post tweets on my page and add followers to my page. Is this right? Did I mis-understand this or is it true?

Jen (Mama's Magic Studio) said...

love this!!! thanks so much for helping to get SF Etsy going with Pinterest. i am still getting started up with Pinterest myself but liking it a lot so far.

here's me if anybody is interested:

newsprout, i am not savvy enough to know if that's right or not. hopefully someone else will chime in.

evenhoward said...

hi newsprout, you understood correctly. This is standard language for connecting within twitter (and facebook), however, in actuality, pinterest will give you a notification before posting and will ask you before following anyone. If I had privacy concerns, I would choose to connect with Twitter over Facebook as most of us have less personal info and connections on Twitter anyway.
This is also a good reason to separate profession and personal accounts, so that you can keep more professional apps linked without compromising your personal connections...

evenhoward said...
Here's a pretty good article about the Terms of Use on Pinterest and the ramifications of people sharing work. This is especially relevant for artists of 2D media such as photographs and paintings/illustrations as Pinterest stores full size images (a difference from things like google image search).

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