Monday, June 18, 2012

Team Leader News: Welcoming Even!

We at the SF Etsy leadership team are delighted to announce that Even Howard of Nadene is coming on board as our newest Team Leader!

Even is stepping up to take on the Education and Professional Development role. Genevieve had been leading up this committee, and due to some changes in her life she is needing to step down into more of a supporting role. We'd like to thank Genevieve for all she's done to help SF Etsy grow and thrive! And we'd like to take a moment to introduce Even, for those of you who haven't had the pleasure of meeting her online or in person.

Even was interviewed as a Friday Feature at SF Etsy some time back, and she's a longstanding active member of SF Etsy. Here's what she would like to share regarding her new roles and responsibilities in the team:

I love the moment in a person's life when a great idea meets positive production and the lifestyle of a small business owner becomes as well crafted and beautiful as the products themselves. This synergy of idea, product, personality, and personal goals meeting market in the right place at the right time appears magic to some, but it is often the result of specific methods and persistence. My hope as a Team Leader is to enable each of us to find that synergy.

As members of the SF Etsy team, we have amazing resources at hand as we each create some version of that magic for ourselves. Our own team members and the wider entrepreneurial landscape of the Bay Area provide models, motivation, reassurance, and a safety net and I see my role as a team leader as one of collector and distributor of these resources via any means possible. You'll see my blog posts for our SF Etsy Treasury Team continue. These are a great way to become familiar with each other's wares and promote our team. This is one simple and valuable way we can create rich content to be shared as well as have a chance at being viewed on the front page of

"Asking Even", our new column for the blog is taking the place of the well loved "Savvy Entrepreneur." I will be addressing team questions in both personal and business development individually and anonymously. You can always email  to add in your voice! It is my goal to provide a leadership role for the Professional Development committee as we host training in all aspects of Etsy-based business as well as experiment with personal growth and foster creativity in the SF Etsy team. We'll host personal and business development workshops and meet-ups online and in person. I bring 15 years of management and community development experience as well as some decent tech skills hard earned! Please do contact me via Etsy if you would like to suggest training topics, offer skills, or just chat more about the possibilities our committee can offer.

Thanks again to Even and Genevieve for past, present, and future efforts to further improve our team! We are so grateful for all the leaders and volunteers who make this team such an amazing resource.

If you're an Etsy seller in the San Francisco Bay Area, contact Katy or Steph about joining SFEtsy!

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