Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Tuestorial: Easy DIY SF Etsy Team Button

Look how cute this is- and in SFEtsy Colors, too!
As you all know... last weekend was the epic and totally inspiring Renegade Craft event at Fort Mason. I have been trying hard to meet as many members in person as I can this last year...but it's so hard since most all of us are online-only participants. How do people know I'm an SF Etsy member if they don't know what I look like?

Welp... I decided I need to make myself a wee little pin...something that people will notice as I walked around introducing myself. So I asked for help from Rebecca Saylor of OodleBaDoodle to help me with this project. She's mad handy with the sewing machine...and not only that - her house is full of fabric from Fabmo - SCORE!

They turned out so cute! And walking around - the three of us who had them on (Lisa, Rebecca and I) did get noticed as a team of awesome! Dani Broder also asked for one, too...so I stopped by her booth to say hello and deliver one to her.

Materials Needed:
- Pin back
- Fabric in primary colors - felt works great for this project
- Fabric Scissors - Pinking Shears
- hot glue
- standard sewing machine

Step One: 
Cut out all your pieces.
We used pinking shears on fabric that we knew would fray.
We cut the back of the pin (in yellow) to be slightly larger than the baby blue background color so that there is a small amount of yellow around the entire pin.
Also... we didn't worry about anything being perfect. Part of the charm of these pins is that they are unique and clearly handmade.
you can see that I drew on the felt before I cut it...

Then we assembled them before taking them to the sewing machine

Step Two:
Assembly of these is mostly on the sewing machine. Rebecca zigged and zagged around in a free form way to just attach the pieces together. It gives an adorable geometric feel to it.
Here's Rebecca getting her sewing machine ready for the project

and the after shot once they came off the machine

Step Three:
I hot glued the yellow felt backing, complete with small pin, to the front piece once Rebecca was done.
I'm in my work clothes - nerd alert! Hot glue the pins - in style.

Step Four:
Rebecca used fabric paint to paint on the Word "Etsy" on the front of the pin to complete the project.
You can also hand sew this (before gluing the pin back on so you don't see the stitches on the back) but we used fabric paint to save time and so that the Etsy word stood out a little against the rest of the piece.
Careful Rebecca! fabric paint doesn't come off easily

Finished product! YAY!

Special thanks to Talia of Mycrobe who donated supplies for this as well.

If you're an Etsy seller in the San Francisco Bay Area, contact Katy or Steph about joining SFEtsy!

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