Saturday, September 29, 2012

Treasury Team Presents: Alter Ego

I like the idea that the best Halloween costume is one that brings out a side of you that isn't normally seen and embraces it fully.  My college chemistry teacher also once started stripping in class while giving the advice that "the worst Halloween costume is when you go as yourself."  Once he got out of his professor clothes, he was wearing a neon bike racing outfit (phew!).  So either way, our treasury challenge in the next two weeks is to explore the fun of your ideal Halloween persona.  Favorite costume of the past?  Seasonal embracing?  Modern politics?  Local party inspiration?

To participate:
  • Please include at least 4 SF Etsy team members (find with the tag "sfetsy" or "sf etsy") and don't forget that vintage and supplies hold some great treasures!  
  • Please tag your treasury itself with the full "sfetsy team treasury" so we can find each other and get seen by admin.  
  • In the description or first comment, link back to or so we can keep our community rolling.
  • Highest number of favorites, shares, comments, and clicks will win your shop and treasury the next blog feature!
  • Do message your featured sellers to let them know they are in your treasury and share your treasury in the SF Etsy team google groups as well as your own social media to spread your story!
Celebrating "Home Again" with the character of our Bay Area neighborhoods, we had myself (Even), Amanda Jayne, Lisa Spinella, Moria Hart, Jen Norton, Imelda, and Irina Lib curate treasuries and together we generated over 1700 views!  It's wonderful getting to know each other better too, please do chat in the comments and be friendly~

Our winning treasury was created by Lisa Spinella of TickleandSmash with nearly 450 interactions!  Go Lisa!  Lisa makes fantastic handbags in gorgeous and fun collage combinations.  Check out her very spooky Evilest Pazuzu bag, just in time for the scariest time of the year!
Halloween tote by Lisa Spinella of Tickle and Smash.

Thanks for participating! Our bi-weekly treasury challenges are open to all.  You can click "Create a List" on the right side of any existing treasury to begin your own.  I recommend using two open windows to make it easy to cut and paste listing numbers.  There's also the Treasury Tool from Shmetsy which is an add on app that helps you make treasuries faster (no cut and paste!) as well as message everyone in your treasury that they have been featured.  

If you're an Etsy seller in the San Francisco Bay Area, contact Katy or Steph about joining SFEtsy!

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