Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Tuestorials: Fabric Pumpkins

Everyone has their thing, their obsession, their “jam” as I like to say. In terms of crafts, my jam is fabric pumpkins. This (almost) no-sew project gets me in a festive Fall mood and, for the last two years, I’ve hosted craft parties around it to show friends how to make them. My love for them could not be contained within me, it had to be shared. Today, I present my jam and I hope it gets you as excited about Fall as I am!

When the clock strikes midnight, they will turn into a pumpkin!
  • stuffing (can also use many plastic bags)
  • scrap fabric in fall colors and patterns (fabric measurements depending on the size you want     your pumpkin. Almost any size well work so use what you got!)
  • small scrap fabric, ribbon, glitter, etc. for establishments
  • twine or thick string
  • scissors
  • fabric glue or hot glue gun
  • rubber band
Any old fabric about to be turned into Fall magic
Step 1:

For a standard sized pumpkin, take a piece of 10" by 7" fabric and sew the two ends together (do not cut in two separate pieces). It should look like a sleeve when done. In fact, you can use a sleeve of an old sweater or flannel shirt for this project. The possibilities are endless. For a no-sew option, you can glue the two ends together. Wait for glue to dry to proceed to the next step.

Inside Out
Right Side or Pumpkin Bottom!
Step 2:

Turn fabric inside out and tie a rubber band to one end. Turn fabric right side and the bottom will look like the bottom of a pumpkin (one step closer!). Stuff slowly, careful to not undo the rubber band.

Stuffed and ready to be tied together!
Step 3:

Once your pumpkin has taken shape, take the twine and wrap the top, leaving extra material on top. This will create your pumpkin stem. Tie the “stem” a couple of times (to ensure your pumpkin is closed tightly) and loop around the sides of your pumpkin (circle around stem then down one side, then back up again to the stem). This will help form your pumpkin’s shape and look like the seams of a standard pumpkin. Once you are done with the sides, loop around the extra top fabric several more times to finish the stem. Cut and tie off twine.

Bling, Bling
Step 4:

Now for the sparkle and shine! Take your small pieces of scrap fabric and add leaves, stem curls, anything festive to your pumpkin! Any type of fabric glue or a hot glue gun will work.

Ready to party until the Holidays!

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Katy said...

holy adorable batman! :)

Andrea Fuentes said...

These are super cute! Love the fabric :)

ash said...

these are adorable! i love it!

Marlene Detierro said...

I think I'm going to reduce the pattern and make a small solid pumpkin of each fabric.

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