Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Tuestorials: Gold Bootie Redo

Ankle boots or booties are everywhere now. I have a small collection I wear year-round that is starting to show it's use. On my boots, the heels are the first to go. Rather than throw out that pair, I decided to give it some love and add some fun too. If you do not have a pair of booties laying around, you can easily find a cheap pair at Payless Shoes or your local Goodwill.

Not Many Materials Needed to Create Your New Look!
  • Old ankle boots or booties
  • Gold paint (spray paint works too!)
  • Brush
  • Painter's tape
  • Newspaper or paper bag (for protection)

Booties Needing an Update!
Step 1:

Select boots with a defined heel and take note of the material. The boots I selected are made of faux suede and I used a fast dry enamel paint (in a "gold leaf" shade).

It's Ready!
Step 2:

Clean the area you want to paint and apply painter’s tape around it. On my boot, I applied painter's tape around the top of the heel.

Step 3:

Apply paint. For gold paint on black boots, apply two coats. Dry in-between for best results.

New Dancing Shoes!
Step 4:

After the paint dries, remove painter's tape and admire your work! Your new shoes are now ready to party. Adding glitter or stripes to the heels are good remix ideas too. Be inspired by your craft closet to create a new look!

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