Saturday, January 5, 2013

#SFEtsy January 8th - Setting Goals

Alright, the chat is back! We're starting our weekly tweetchat again on the 8th and our topic for the new year is Setting Goals.

We'll be asking what kind of goal setting strategies work best for ourselves and looking at the benefits of short-term and longer-term goals. We'll also discuss types of goals and how they can impact our ability to stick to them and we'll share good ways of recording our goals so we can keep referring to them and remembering to work towards them.

Finally we'll chat about accountability and how to boost it even when we work on a team of 1.

If one of your goals or new year's resolutions is to get more involved with the SF Etsy Team or get more active on twitter, this chat is a perfect way to achieve both those targets and we'd love to see you there! :)

If you like to use to follow our chats this is the link
If you would like to join in but aren't sure about how, tweet @embergrass or send me an Etsy convo and I'll be happy to help :)

If you're an Etsy seller in the San Francisco Bay Area, contact Our Team Captain about joining SFEtsy!

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