Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Tuestorial: Heart Garland

Craft confession: I've never made garland before. Ideas flood sites like Pinterest with easy and cute ways to add garland to your next party or Holiday decorations. I decided Valentine's Day is the perfect Holiday to make my own! I've been enjoying it in my living room and will be sad when the days comes to take it down.

Materials Needed:
  • red construction paper 
  • scissors 
  • white glue
  • glitter
  • ribbon
  • newspaper or a large piece of scrap paper

Step 1:

First things first...I cheated a little bit. I have a wonderful tool called the Accuquilt Go! Baby Fabric Cutter. I use it to makes an assortment of shapes for my fabric needs. I have a die cut with 3 different heart shapes that I used to cut my paper with (shhhhh, I'm pretty sure it states not to use on paper, but guess what? It was totally fine). 

If you don't have a cheat to cut heart shapes, it's easy enough to find a heart shape to use as a stencil.  Just trace and cut! I decided to mix it up and use two different heart shapes.

Add glue... 
Add glitter...
Step 2:

My favorite part...glitter! I used Martha Stewart's tinsel glitter in garnet and amethyst (different color for each heart shape). 

Place newspaper or a large piece of paper on your work surface to catch the glitter. Apply white glue around the edge of a paper heart. Sparkle glitter over glue then shake access off. It was easier to apply glue and glitter to half the heart at a time. 

Row of hearts
Step 3:

Once glue has dried, it's time to string your garland! Lay out all your hearts how you would like to display them and your desired length. Flip them all over and lay across your string or ribbon. Tape the string to the back of all your hearts.

Love fest in my living room
Step 4:

Hang and enjoy! 

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Denise Twum said...

So pretty! I just might have to do a craft project with my son now! :)

Charlene Lundgren said...

Thank you = it is very pretty. If anyone is interested in coming to Marin for a Prevalentines sale of art, jewelry, silk art, fanciful crowns, wedding and bridal hats and tiaras, and lovely paper quilling Please check out my blog.

Hope to see you there.

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