Saturday, January 18, 2014

Changing Tides - Exciting Times!

It's been a great 2 years since I came on as Captain of the team. Since my start in 2012, it was my goal to bring us together. To create more events, more meet ups and more team togetherness.
With around 500 members at the time, all over the bay area... we were a scattered group of creative minds that I knew had so much in common as well as so much to give to our community.

Jen (the previous captain) had already set up a great base structure of helpers and it was a natural step to create something more formalized. Committees that supported the needs of our fast growing collective of artisans and makers.
We got noticed by Etsy for our leadership as we continue to grow. We were even written about in this article: Organizing for Growth

I 100% believe that if you put someone in a position that they are passionate about and let them build their "dream job" within a committee... they will blossom & our team would benefit from their passion behind what they do. Every single committee member came on putting their whole heart into what they were doing. Each of them believes that SF Etsy is something special that has done great things for the Bay Area.
original leadership team in 2012 - photo taken by Astra Brinkmann of

Starting a new year, I want to reflect back on what we have accomplished and how we've come.
With the help of our new committees I was able to accomplish so much for the team TOGETHER:
  • Setting up Flash Sales! --> which introduced new marketing opportunities to the team during slower months
  • Building a partnership with The Museum of Craft & Design --> a monthly Meet & Make in The Dogpatch where you spend $10 to make something rad while drinking beer from local breweries
  • Organized our holiday show in 2012
  • Make numerous graphics to promote members
  • Organized a 2D art gallery show with over 65 of our members featured
  • and I guess I did lots more, too. tee hee. I mean... 2 years went by! And I was busy having a blast. ;-)
But the thing I'm most proud of is that we doubled our membership (to over 1K) because we have shown time and again as a team that we're a supportive network of people who share information freely for the benefit of all of our small businesses.

That being that start of my Captainship, I had always been decided that Captains of the team would cycle through each year so that new leadership could bring about fresh ideas & all of us makers would be able to return back to the land of making and creating. Co-Captains are nominated via the leadership team. And a Co-Captain must be a member of a committee for at least one year before being nominated.

In 2013, Even Howard stepped up as Co-Captain of the Team along side me starting her 2 year Captainship. She's helped to bring in events that strengthen our team's business skills by supporting the growth of a monthly Business meet up, boot camps that focus on several of the logistics behind running your own small business & also organizing large events like our trip to the SFZoo, as well as  our Pop-Up shops like the one at Ruth's Table not too long ago.
This year, Even has amazing things already in the works for all of us! And I'm excited to see her continue to bring her passions into the fold.

With a heavy heart, I must announce that the time has come for me to step down as Co-Captain of the team.  I am so grateful for Jen Johnson believing in me and asking me to take our team under my wing. I'm so proud of all we've accomplished together. I've made forever friends, I've learned so much about myself and my abilities as a leader. I'm truly so blessed to have been the Co-Captain of SF Etsy. I'm extremely excited for what's next.

photo taken by Astra Brinkmann of
BUT! there's more thing to announce so just sit right there.
We have new committees being formed as we speak! Even will be announcing well as
announcing who will step into a Co-Captain position along side her!
There's positive and amazing change on the horizon and I'm excited to be part of it!
We're in for a wild ride in 2014 and it'll be a blast!
THANK you So so so much for giving me the opportunity to work along side such a dynamic and talented group of people.

LOVE always,
Your 2012-2014 Co-Captain, 
Katy Atchison

PS: follow along with me here as I get back into the making of awesome stuff & show the world what I got!

IG: @katyatch
Twitter: @katyatch

If you're an Etsy seller in the San Francisco Bay Area, contact Our Team Captain about joining SFEtsy!


Jen (Mama's Magic Studio) said...

So proud of you and of our team!!! It was tough for me to step down but I was able to do it because I knew you'd be such an awesome leader -- and I know that Even will carry on the torch we've kept burning, and do so with skill and style! Big hugs to you and the rest of our leadership team. Love our community!!!

Lisa Spinella said...

When I think of how it all started..

I was new on the SFETSY team with a new president with a new craft business.. Scared..

(Sniff) But you were always there for me with a twinkle in your eye and the positivity necessary that you expertly wove through this amazing Etsy street team.

With great hope and promise you lead our community through a huge growth spurt and a new global appreciation for handmade and small business.

Thank You Katy for your time.. and thank you for your abilities you shared to make our team even greater.

When you lead .. You Dazzle

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