Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Tuestorial: Candy Corn Vase

Tuestorial: Candy Corn Vase

I can't believe it, but Halloween is almost here! There are many craft-inspiration ideas for this time of year, but I thought I would be inspired by my favorite seasonal candy...the humble candy corn. Some love it, some hate it (we aren't friends), but you can enjoy it in this unique form with most items you probably already have around your house.

Materials Needed:
  • Empty wine bottle (easy find in my house)
  • White paint (acrylic or glass friendly)
  • Yellow paint
  • Orange paint
  • Paint brush
  • Painter's tape

Step 1:

Clean your empty wine bottle of any labels or dirt. You want a pretty surface before you start painting. Once it's clean and dry, apply at least two coats of white paint to the entire bottle. This will provide a good base for the other colors too.

Step 2:

Once the white paint is dry, mark the section for yellow with painter's tape. The edges don't need to be neat (should be uneven to look more like candy corn), but this makes it easier when painting. Start with yellow at the bottom!

Step 3:

Once the yellow section is dry, remove the painter's tape and mark off the top (just below the neck of the bottle) for the orange section and go to town. See how delicious it is looking?

Step 4:

Once the orange section is dry, just remove the painter's tape and you are done! You can go back to make the other edges less neat or touch-up any boo-boos (technical term). Put it on display for all your trick-or-treaters! 

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