Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Etsy Treasury Challenge: Be Mine for Valentine's Day

Treasury Challenge Theme: Valentine's Day - Be Mine

To Participate:
  • Please include all SF Etsy team members within the treasury (find them with the tag "SFetsy" or SFetsy Team" on Etsy) . You can also search the team member list .
  • Find a song or poem that inspired you to make your treasury related to the valentine theme. Please include in either the description or comments of the treasury.
  • In the description or first comment, link back to our Blog - or our Facebook Fan Page 
  • Please tag your treasury on Etsy itself with the full text "SFetsy Team" or "SFEtsy" so we can find the treasuries that are made on Etsy.  
  • We will post and feature all the Team Treasuries we find to try and get you the highest number of favorites, shares, comments, and clicks ever ! Plus we will post them all on the SFETSY blog before Valentine's Day.  Meanwhile, tell us how your sharing your treasury via social media by using the tag #SFETSY!
  • Do message your featured SFEtsy sellers to inform them that they are in your team treasury and share your treasury in the SFEtsy team google group, as well as your own social media to spread your story!
 It's wonderful getting to know each other better this way, so please do chat in the comments, share our amazing community and lets get trending!!!  We want to Feel The LOVE!

Here is an example and link to mine to start!

If you're an Etsy seller in the San Francisco Bay Area, visit Our Team Page about joining SFEtsy!


Michelle Marques said...

I had fun doing this and learned how to make a Treasury! Thanks!

Astrid said...

Here's mine!!

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