Friday, June 19, 2015

Friday Feature ~ Pamela Baron Designs

It's Friday Feature time again and this time we are featuring Pamela Baron Designs. She makes some beautiful watercolors and also does custom house portraits.

1. What is your Shop Name and URL ?
Pamela Baron Designs,

2. To which Etsy Teams do you belong?
SF Etsy, Rhode Island School of Design (RISD)

3. Please tell us about the items in your Etsy shop. What do you make? How did you learn your craft? What is involved in your creative process?
My shop houses my prints, paintings and hand-cut sticker packs. I make everything from my studio in Oakland and take pride in selecting high quality materials, locally whenever possible.

I got a degree in Illustration from the Rhode Island School of Design, but it took me several years of working and collaborating with other artists in a variety of fields before I ventured out on my own. 

4. Tell us two (or more) interesting things about you.
In college, I worked as a glass blowing assistant and still continue to blow glass as a hobby. My boyfriend is a professional glassblower so sometimes we get to work on projects together although our styles are very different. My glass tends to looks like wonky children's drawings, and his are very elegant and complex.

If I am not painting, blowing glass, or hiking, I can be found fussing over the many plants. Many of them I have grown from tiny sprouts, or received from close friends. At this point, I kind of consider them my pets.

5. Do you have any other sites you would like featured?

My Instagram account is the best place to find new work and see what I am up to.

6. What inspires your creations?
I love getting out into nature and engaging with my environment. Almost all of my work starts from something that I have taken a picture of. Living in the Bay Area brings so much inspiration.

7. How did you get involved with Etsy?
I learned about Etsy in college but only seriously started using it after joining the SF Etsy Team. It's been so wonderful and inspiring to be a part of such an activate community.

8. What is your favorite item in your shop (currently for sale or previously sold)? Why is it your favorite?
My favorite item in my shop is the custom house portrait!

Architecture has always held a special place in my heart. There is so much rhythm and character in all the line work involved, it's almost musical. From painting a client's five cats peaking out of the windows (true story!), to obsessing over special plants in the front yard, my favorite part is adding the meaningful details that make a space personal.

9. What crafting skill(s) do you wish you had or hope to learn someday?
Embroidery! Someday I'll embroider mini portraits of all of my plants.

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