Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Meet the Blog Team!

Wondering about the people behind the posts here at the SF Etsy Team Blog? Wonder no longer! Here are the fabulous folks who make up the SF Etsy Blog Team.

Akiyo from My Dear Darling is the lady behind the look here at the blog. She designed the beautiful banner and logo graphics and put together our nifty layout. She says that her favorite piece in her shop is this grotesquely adorable Zombie Penguin Plushie:

My Dear Darling was created by Akiyo with the help of her husband, Brandon. She designs and creates all the products you see in the shop but everything is first approved by him. Akiyo's heart goes into every project and she especially loves working with her clients on personalized gifts. She loves getting to know her customers and gets giddy when she receives Fan Moment photos of her products with their new families. Brandon has a full time job at 2K Marin and is such a sweet supportive husband, that he takes some of his off time to help Akiyo with her business. They currently reside in Novato, California with their dog, Katsu, and are expecting their first little one in October!

Ash from Kelly Drive helps out with the Friday Feature interviews and keeping the info up to date here at the blog. She says, "I'm a Philly girl who recently relocated to San Francisco! Kelly Drive is the name of the windy road behind the Philadelphia Art Museum which exudes classic and magical beauty. My shop is a homage to this strong, yet whimsical feeling experienced by so many. I love building clothing; the challenge and the excitement." Her favorite item in her shop is this lovely Scalloped Petal Top in Cranberry:

Betsy of B.Nute productions explains her shop name thus: "B. for Betsy; Nute my maiden name; and productions for all the things I create." Betsy posts the Tuesday Treasury collections and also posts about team birthdays. Her favorite item in her shop is the listing for these charming Pretty Posies Personalized Invitations:

Betsy also says, "B.Nute productions is the culmination of all things that I'm passionate about - design, whimsical styling, entertaining and a zest for life! I've been drawn to vintage, retro, festive imagery for as long as I can remember. Old circus ephemera, cheeky 50’s styling, retro children’s products – I love it all. My career has taken me on many different design paths - from Art Director to User Interface Architect at a major software company. After having children, I knew it was time to leave the high tech world and go back to my design roots... and here it is, B.Nute productions!"

Helene of Divine Orchid is The Savvy Entrepreneur here at SF Etsy. Helene has a woman's clothing line with her soul mate, Carlos. They create, inspire and work together to create a more equitable society. They moonlight as youth advocates, as counselors and teachers. Helene's favorite item in her shop is the fabulous Maria Felix Tee:

Jen is the Mama in Mama's Magic Studio, and she spends much of her time with for her 3 year old daughter and 5 year old son. She's a published poet, a blogging addict, and a thrift store enthusiast. She's happily married to her best friend, and when she's not crafting or hanging out with her family, she usually has her nose in a book. Jen is also the friendly SF Etsy Admin & Team Leader, and she posts Friday Features as well as general team news here at the team blog. Jen's favorite item in her shop is this Bird's Nest Pendant for a Boy and a Girl, which she designed to symbolize her own little brood:

Lauren of Crooked Sister is the newest member of the blog team. She posts The Local List, a fantastic collection of resources and information about local craft shows and events in the San Francisco Bay Area. This beautiful Embroidered Mushroom Scented Sachet is her favorite item in her shop:

Lauren says, "When I'm not slaving away at my regular office job, I am most likely embroidering in my little craft corner at home. Embroidering by hand is a big passion of mine. There is nothing like sitting in the park on a sunny day, or curling up on my couch at night and stitching away. It really is one of the most relaxing things you can do! The rest of my crafting time is spent making other various hand crafted goodies, like hair accessories and jewelry, out of repurposed material. I also enjoy riding my bike, shopping at The Creative Reuse Store, and drinking a nicely brewed beer. I also have a major sweet tooth and won't refuse a chocolate truffle if you happen to offer me one."

We always welcome new folks and fresh ideas to the blog team, so if you have a notion about what you'd like to see us write about or would like to help out, let us know!

If you're an Etsy seller in the San Francisco Bay Area, contact Jen from Mama's Magic Studio about joining SFEtsy!

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