Thursday, December 23, 2010

Happy Holidays

They say small business owners never stop and I know this to be true. However I feel this is a horrible habit. We don't need to do everything, all the time, for everyone. But I am typing this with 45 minutes until I need to call a cab to head to the Northwest for the Holidays. I will be taking my computer. I am bringing a marketing book to read on the plane. I have a to do list for the week I will be visiting family. However I am at least sane enough to know I most likely will never crack the book or cross a single thing off my list, but they're still there.

I say all this because I know many of you feel similarly. You've had a crazy month of fairs and sales and shipping to the ends of the earth and yet I bet even as you may be "taking a break" you're still thinking about what the next phase brings. We just can't help it.

So the words I want to you leave you with as I rush out the door... Breath, enjoy, and take a moment. None of this chaos is going anywhere, the business won't fall apart if you take a week to yourself. You need it and deserve it.

I will also take enough time so that I come back refreshed and renewed, ready to give more of the best advice I have on making this business yours the best it can be.

Until the 6th then, Happy Holidays!

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nerd JERK said...

I found it hard to try to take a break today! I mean - the sun in SF, the crisp wind, the hot toddies to be had - and I was still crocheting and refreshing my Gmail constantly.

Thank you so much for the reminder that even though we're trying to be successful and accomplish great feats, we're allowed to prop up our feet every once in a while... and just breathe.

Adriana (ClayCatShop) said...

I took a much needed break and I'm feeling renewed! Took time for myself and my family, and I'm now ready to start working on new projects and ideas!
Hope you are all re-energized and looking forward to making this new year a year of creative awesomeness! =)

heathered said...

thank you for this post :) - made me feel a bit better about my time off. i tried to take a break and succeeded at it. finally. i had 4 days set aside for a friends and family visiting road trip.

now back to work...

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