Tuesday, December 13, 2011

SF Etsy Team's Holiday Show at Urban Bazaar

Last weekend I had the pleasure to volunteer at the Urban Bazaar Vagabond Indie Craft Fair: Holiday Edition...

With all of the bigger fairs, Bizarre Bazaar & Renegade, it’s great that there are smaller fairs that house our teammates with such class. Brandi and Briana, co-owners of Urban Bazaar, did a great job organizing the event.
There was a wide selection of items for shoppers, a donation based Bake Sale & Hot Drink area, as well as a very well organized and well lite backyard for the artists to set up & sell in.

The Bake Goodies Table & Hot Drink Station were hits! People would stop off at the Bake Sale table and donated even if they weren’t taking a treat! Must be the spirit of the season! One guy gave $10 just to to be nice...and even when I told people items were donation based, they still wanted to give a little something to SF Etsy. Lots of people talked about how great it is that Urban Bazaar are so willing to help out local artists. Even though the baked goods were free...people were willing to donate anyway just to help out SF Etsy. How great is that?!

Once a person stopped off at the Baked Goodie table, they often were intrigued as to what was going on and wandered inside the shop, and to the back, for the Craft Show.

From What I hear, everyone had a great time and most booths were busy for most of the afternoon.

I wasn't able to be in the back area much, since I was out front most of the day...but here are some photos that I took from the event featuring some of our team members! I missed a couple of the team members because I was rushing to get back to my station...but I think I got almost everyone there.

I think what I learned from this show was that smaller shows really allow you to showcase your work in a way that connects with your customer a little better than larger shows. Everyone at their booth was able to spend time with their customers and get to know their market.

Can't wait to see what other shows are happening for everyone the rest of this holiday season.

If you're an Etsy seller in the San Francisco Bay Area, contact Jen from Mama's Magic Studio about joining SFEtsy!

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Jen (Mama's Magic Studio) said...

Thanks a bunch for helping out with the bake sale, Katy! Loved your recap, especially the chance to see some teammates and their table setups. I agree with you that the smaller, more intimate shows definitely have their appeal! And a big thanks to Urban Bazaar for hosting the second annual SF Etsy Holiday time December show in their lovely back yard!

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