Monday, April 23, 2012

SFEtsy Team Member Gallery Show : Artists Announced

It's been about a month since we sent out the call for artists for our first ever team Art Gallery Show...and let me tell you! The applications poured in. You can tell how much we all love being part of this community and support each other.

Now that applications are complete... I'm pleased to announce that over 60 artists were accepted into the team show by the gallery to be part of the team show!!! That's over 10% of our team participating under one roof. 

Saturday, May 12th, 2-6 pm at Studio Gallery (1815 Polk Street, San Francisco)

For the reception, all participating artists must bring something to contribute to the team bake sale. Such as a dozen cookies, candies, a cake or a loaf of bread would be perfect. We will have a donation-based baked sale to pay for the ATC event craft supplies. Just bring them when you come to the event around 2pm

The gallery show begins May 2, 2012 and runs through May 27, 2012

This show is for SFEtsy Team Members only. Over 60 artists will be featured!

Heather Logsdon
Debbie Styer
Terrie Raphael
Amy Crook
Ann Marie Hodrick
Carla Madrigal
Chiho Kikukawa
Creek van Houten
Cristie Burghardt
David Fullarton
Dena McMurdie
Devika Keskar
Eko Wright
Geraldine Adams
Genevieve Santos
Sonja Caldwell
Imelda Jimenez
Jackson Fahnestock
Jeannine Komush (Tangleweeds)
Jennifer Way
Karen Berman
Korie Michalak
Leslie Thorpe
Liz Dickey
Maggie DeSart
Marja Germans Gard
Megan Eckman
Melanie Ross
Nathalie Quere
Nicole Baker
Pernilla Persson
Lisa Spinella
Tanith Rohe
Taryn Bilstein
Victoria Veedell
Wenia Lee
Amy (Woven Designs)
Dillon Crossman (BlackLightRobot)
Lisa Anderson Shaffer (Zelma Rose)
Diana Willis
Sharon Zimmerman
Katy Atchison
Leslie Morgan
Linda Donohue
Gaston Yagmourian
PJ Church (Wooliverse)
Steph Cortes
Rich Fowler
Kat McEachern
Marc Gounard
Niana Liu
Maggie Hurley
Lorna Watt (Knits for Life)
Reem Barghouti (Blue Olive Place)
Sarah Mones Friedman
LeAnne Ritter
Alyson Thomas
Kevin Clarke
Nidhi Chanani
Maureen Shields
Jill Watt
Andy Chen
Samantha Tripp
Rebecca Saylor

Rochelle Foles
Dani Broder

Artist Trading Card event:  Thursday evening, May 24th at 6pm
We will be having a networking Meet-Up event at Studio Gallery later on in the month. So, if you can't make it to the reception....this is another opportunity to mingle with team mates while you strengthen our community by making and trading ATCs (Artist Trading Cards). More to come about this event on the blog and online soon! Keep an eye out for it! It will be a fun Meet-Up. Rochelle Foles is the organizing leader to contact if you'd like to volunteer or want more information. Find her contact information on the new leadership page.

STUDIO Gallery shows work from local artists and craftspeople, and this is our 9th year. They have a rotating schedule of shows, ranging from large, themed group shows with 175+ artists to solo shows. (STUDIO Gallery actually already shows several artists from our Etsy group.)


A HUGE THANK YOU TO STUDIO GALLERY - they are letting us use this space free of charge and have been a HUGE help in the planning of this spectacular event.

If you're an Etsy seller in the San Francisco Bay Area, contact Katy or Steph about joining SFEtsy!


Jen (Mama's Magic Studio) said...

Congrats to all who will be participating in our first team Art Show!!! What a great list!

Katy said...

I'm so excited to see all of us coming together in this way. Sometimes it's nice to have events that showcase us as artists AND craftspeople that doesn't include booth fees and table space. :)

Fits Your Fancy said...

My name is not a link to my shop???? Diana Willis.

Please re-post with my shop link:

I know I sent the team my info and I've been a member for a couple of years.

Diana Willis
Fits Your Fancy

Katy said...

Hi Diana :) I know you've been a member for some time. We just received the list with names, not shop names. The blog has been updated with your link. Thanks for understanding.

rhealeanne said...

Looking forward to participating. Just noticed I am linked to an incorrect shop name, one I am not using, please change to show this one: Thanks!

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