Monday, March 12, 2012

WE WANT YOU! SFEtsy Team Member Gallery Show

You know what is totally awesome?! Us.
Yes, that's right...our SFEtsy Team is amazing. We are a diverse group of inspiring and talented people who support each other in everything that we do.

Here's our chance to really show what we are all about...This May, we will be having our very first Gallery Show at a wonderful space, STUDIO Gallery in San Francisco. Unlike previous team shows, this is not a craft show - this is a show to showcase how amazing we are as artists. STUDIO Gallery is excited about the chance to display work from our local Etsy team of artists and craftsmen in a brick and mortar space!

The gallery show begins May 2, 2012 and runs through May 27, 2012, with an opening reception on Saturday, May 12th, 2-6 pm.

This show is for SFEtsy Team Members only. We are interested in any 2D or 3D media—paintings, prints, ceramics, jewelry, glass, metal, furniture, mixed media, sculpture, bags, etc.—as long as the work meets the Etsy definition for handmade. (Supplies, vintage or imported items, and sized clothing won’t be considered.)

STUDIO Gallery in San Francisco is looking for artists and craftspeople from the SF Etsy Group to participate in a juried show at the gallery. STUDIO Gallery shows work from local artists and craftspeople, and this is our 9th year. They have a rotating schedule of shows, ranging from large, themed group shows with 175+ artists to solo shows. (STUDIO Gallery actually already shows several artists from our Etsy group.)

WILL THE WORK BE SOLD?: Yes. The gallery will take the typical 50% commission on any pieces that sell during the show. The artist will get the other 50%. If your work is accepted into the show, the prices on your Etsy site for comparable work and the retail price for the piece in the gallery will need to be consistent. You will work directly with the gallery owners when you sell work, drop off work and pick up work. For those who have never sold in a gallery before, this is a great opportunity to learn a lot about the business behind selling your work in a gallery space.

WHAT IF I DON'T SELL MY 2D ART/PAINTINGS ON ETSY BUT I'M A MEMBER?: Well, that's easy... you can still apply. Your 2D art can be entered in a very similar way as items in your Etsy Shop. See how in the "to apply" section.

If you have work that you think would be a good fit for the show, you can:

1. Email the owners of STUDIO GALLERY at and send us a link to your Etsy store where we can view photos of your work. If there are specific pieces you’d like us to consider, let us know where to find them on your site.

2. If the pieces are not available on your Etsy site, you can email us at with 2-3 low-resolution (72dpi, 5" x 5" max) photos of your
work in jpeg format; total attachments should not exceed 500K. Include the medium,
size and retail price for the piece.

The gallery is doing all of the selecting for this show to ensure that the work in the show has a fantastic variety and is the right fit for their established customer base. If STUDIO gallery thinks your work is a fit they will contact you to set up an appointment to see your work in person; this will also give you a chance to see the gallery. We will be reviewing work for the SF Etsy Show through Friday, April 20th or until the show fills up.

If you're an Etsy seller in the San Francisco Bay Area, contact Katy or Steph about joining SFEtsy!


ij said...

Yay!!!!! How cool!!!!

Adriana (ClayCatShop) said...

This is awesome!!! I'll send my pictures soon!!! :) yay!!!

nerd JERK said...

Super exciting!! I can't wait to be able to say that I've shown in a gallery. :D I'll have a reason to update my artist resumé! ;D

BTAHITY said...

How exciting!

Katy said...

Let's get this ball rolling and create a giant snowball of positivity that is SFEtsy! GO TEAM, GO!! :)

rhealeanne said...

Such an exciting opportunity, I am hoping to get accepted, but I know the SFEtsy group will be well-represented no matter who gets in.

Frances Marin said...

This is so exciting! I really look forward to applying!

rhealeanne said...

Just got word that the gallery would like to take a look at some of my jewelry, so I will be making an appointment next week. So excited! Hope I get to be a part of this show!

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