Tuesday, May 22, 2012

SF Etsy goes STUDIO! (Gallery, that is.)

Last weekend, our team celebrated our first gallery show with a delight-filled opening reception at Studio Gallery.  Read on for a glimpse of the fun!  If you missed out, your next chance to participate is our upcoming Artist Trading Card making and trading evening this Thursday-- we'll be making and sharing ATCs on the spot!
ATC "Life is a Party" 
networking/making/trading/celebrating goodness!
at STUDIO 1825 Polk St.
Thursday, May 24th 6-8pm
(Team members who would like to arrive early and help set up, please contact Rochelle.)

photo by J. Astra Brinkmann of AstraTakesPhotos.com

I loved seeing all the families and friends and art lovers' responses to the works.  With 65 artists, a bake sale, and a chance to win work in the raffle, it took me an hour just to make one lap of the gallery!  Along the way I heard how impressed and excited the neighborhood was about hosting our team, talk of making this an annual event, and lots of introductions as people placed artworks to artists and families and friend circles overlapped.  
As a jewelry maker, I was really appreciative of how our hostess, Jennifer, gave each jewelry artist a lovely display.  My favorite 'new to me' work was made by Carla Madrigal.  Her embroidered bracelets and zip pouches were a perfect mix of uniquely modern while holding the air of mystery of ancient heirloom.  

Can't remember who made what?  A great sample slideshow of many of the artists' work is up for viewing at the Studio gallery site.

Some Big Thank Yous:

Thanks to Katy for the spark that started it all
Thanks to Jennifer Farris of Studio Gallery for hosting us
Thanks to Steph, Katy, and Andrew for donating pieces for the raffle
Thanks to Astra for photographing the reception
Thanks to Rochelle for baking her own amazing treats (rose marshmallows and more!) AND running the bake sale with grace and welcome!

This was a juried show and I'd like to also honor those who were not selected to participate this time around.  Congrats also to our brave team members whose work wasn't on show.  I asked our team in attendence to share their impressions of the show and reception.  Enjoy and please post your comments below.  See you on Thursday!


photo by J. Astra Brinkmann of AstraTakesPhotos.com
T-H-A-N-K Y-O-U to our amazing team and team leaders for the opportunity to show our work together.  It was so great to meet some of the team and see so much talent and work in person at the gallery.  I almost think we could open an SF Etsy Bakery, that back corner sure was tasty!  My daughter had an especially hard time choosing her treat.

The pieces that stuck out in my mind were the oh-so-fantastic yarn bombed chair and the fabulous painting by Lisa from Tickle and Smash.  I wanted badly to bring both of them home, and add them to my artsy treasures collection.

From Heather
This was my 3rd gallery show, all of them being at Studio Gallery. The receptions are always really fun and the wine and cheese flow like wine and cheese. My point of going to the opening was to meet my SF Etsy teammates that I usually only "see" on twitter, facebook, and the google group.

Jen is a champion of great work. She knows her audience and has the open and inclusive personality to propel artists forward in their progression. I always leave her gallery feeling like the world is a really awesome place.  David Fullerton is my new favorite artist. I'm envious of anyone he's shared a cubicle with. 

photo by J. Astra Brinkmann of AstraTakesPhotos.com

From Taryn Bilstein
The opening was great, lots of people and such a great idea. Its nice to see all us Etsy people in one place and in a Gallery. Thanks again.
From Karen
Jennifer is awesome!  Witty, helpful and fun!  Thank you to her for hanging my work so beautifully and sharing belly laughs - fantastic event.
photo by J. Astra Brinkmann of AstraTakesPhotos.com
The idea of an SF Etsy team show in a real gallery was - and still - is amazing. The gallery, which specializes in local color and local artists was a welcoming place to artfully present a wide range of creativity.
A special aspect of the experience for me was bringing my work to the gallery for Jennifer to decide - in person and while I was standing there! - if she would include an array of ceramic vases in the show. Being able to discuss my work with an experienced gallery owner was invaluable: with take-aways about pricing, presentation, and what interests her customers. And, as it happened, several of her customers who came in while I was there chatted with me about the pieces. One even came back when the show opened and bought several!At the reception, I enjoyed meeting other team members -- putting faces to names and shops -- as well as lending a hand with the dessert table. And, there was the extra comfort in numbers of being with friendly artists and their friends.

photo by J. Astra Brinkmann of AstraTakesPhotos.com

From Co-Captain Katy Atchison
What was wonderful about the art opening was that shops were connecting face-to-face and the community bonded together through the art and talents of it's members during the opening. I enjoyed getting to meet so many members that I had only interacted with previously online.  There was an almost overwhelming sense of SF Etsy Pride during the entire event. It was fun to hear team members talking about the friends they have made, shops they admire and talent that they see in the work of others. When you go to a craft show, people tend to talk about value as well as talent - whereas, the talent, technique and admiration were the main topics during the event.

I'm really happy with the amount of members who reached out to participate. One of our many goals this year within the leadership team is to connect local members to each other and create a stronger sense of community outside of Etsy. Each of us live and work within such a small distance of each other... we want to make sure that the support we give each other can grow and blossom into long-lasting friendships and business connections. Events like the SF Etsy Art Show and other craft shows, business groups, meet ups and workshops that we organize and attend help to bond our team together in a special and unique way. "

For more photos of the art itself and a list of all our team member participants check out the prior blog post.

If you're an Etsy seller in the San Francisco Bay Area, contact Katy or Steph about joining SFEtsy!


Katy said...

Beautifully written! Such a fun show!!

Anonymous said...

Wish I could have been there!

(but wonderful photos are making me feel like I was)

Jen (Mama's Magic Studio) said...

this is so fantastic! Sorry to have missed the opening but thanks so much for the great write up and pics -- next best thing to being there! And big thanks to Katy and Studio Gallery and all the SF Etsy folks for their work and support of the team through this wonderful opportunity.

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