Saturday, August 4, 2012

Inpsired by Handmade: What I find "Pinteresting"

We have over 44 boards - and growing!


I know I'm not the only one that finds Pinterest probably the most addictive thing since sliced bread... that is, if you love bread as much as I do.
OK... so maybe not all of your are Pinners... but did you know that Pinterest brings the most unique visitors to sites than any other?...and for this alone - climb aboard the Pinterest Train with me. (and feel free to ask me if you need an invite to start an account)

Some General Rules of Thumb for Success:

  • Don't over-pin. Followers will unfollow if you've hidden all their followers behind your steady stream of Pin It Addiction
  • New Pins should be pinned directly from the original website where the image/content was found so that the person gets the credit they deserve.
  • Remember your audience - you can hide boards that are just for your own personal inspiration...if you want your content to be relivant to your followers, keep your visible content something they will find interesting... like DIY projects, recipes and inspirational quotes if most of your followers are Etsy fans.
  • Pin Images that are clear and have good resolution.
  • Curate your boards - make them specific and you'll get more followers - such as a color, cohesive theme, or type items (like favorite shoes, recipes or haunted mansions)

I found an article about Pinterest & Small Businesses that really shows the benefit of it for smaller businesses just starting out. said: "Small businesses have started to see the value in Pinterest. Take for example graphic artists, photographers, interior designers and fashion designers, they are able to create storyboards showcasing their work. They have the freedom to display their work using their creativity, personal style and personality creating fantastic portfolios that can be seen and shared by other Pinterest users. This allows consumers to check out their work, prior to contacting them"

Our Leader in charge of social media - Lisa of TickleandSmash - has been SUPER busy building Pinterest Boards centered around our SF Etsy team! You know you'll get beautiful imagery straight from Etsy with our ever-changing boards. Plus! You'll be supporting SF Etsy Team Members with every RePin.


Lisa asked me to Guest Pin - YAY!
So I got to fill up a board with SF Etsy Peeps that I found amazing and inspiring. I kept in mind the rules of thumb above.

--> clicky here

It was the First Pin that got me inspired!
Welp, it all started with Helen Pappas - my friend through Astra Brinkmann.
I saw a photo of her modeling an adorable yarn hat by FoxTree and I just had to pin it to my guest board because I was excited to see someone I knew who isn't part of SF Etsy (she does however make some rad backpacks that should be on Etsy)

From there, I Just kept my pallette cohesive....I stuck to picking muted colors for the most part, blended with peaches, pinks and oranges. I also kept my theme by sticking to SF Etsy Sellers only... since that way, members can re-pin from my board knowing they are supporting their local team members.

What I love about building a Pinterest board really brings my personality forward. Can you tell I pretty much look like my Pinterest board every day? OK... maybe I don't really... but I sure feel like I do...or I have dreams that I do.

Share links to your Pinterest boards below. I'd love to see what you find Pinteresting!


If you're an Etsy seller in the San Francisco Bay Area, contact Katy or Steph about joining SFEtsy!


ash said...

I have been pintrest paralyzed - but i'm super inspired by your new board

awesome article, Katy!

Katy said...

Climb about the SF Etsy Pinterest Train, Ash! It's a fun ride.

Liz said...

Great Boards Katy, and I have a question: you mentioned in your post that we can hide boards that are not for the general public, do you know is that function working now?

Katy said...

HI Liz! The way I hide mine is by having a different account that isn't for the public. Sorta like having a secret life . :) I know a lot of companies have multiple accounts to test boards before launching them.

vadi said...

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