Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Tuestorials: Geometric Elbow Patch

Ladies and gentlemen, Fall is now in full swing! Back to school time, pumpkins, dusting off the old go-to soup recipes...I love it all. But at the top of my list of things to love about Fall is fashion. Especially here in the Bay Area where you can wear a sweater year-round, the new Fall trends offer something exciting to clothes we can almost always wear. This is why I will be dedicating all of September’s Tuesday Tutorials to fashion updates!

While the elbow patch trend is not brand new this year, it is more popular than ever and something I’ve been seeing in almost every chain store. Today’s tutorial will show you how to create this look using something other than standard oval patch to take your old sweater to the next level.

  • old shirt, sweater or blazer
  • suede, felt or thicker textured material for patch
  • scissors
  • pen
  • thick paper to use as stencil
  • needle and thread
Materials gathered

Step 1:

I’ve selected an old striped shirt that could use an update. Put on your selected garment and use a pen to mark where the center of your elbow hits.
"X" marks the spot!
Step 2:

Select a shape for your elbow patch. Trace your shape on thick paper and cut out your stencil. Use this stencil on the back of your fabric and cut out two pieces.

Rather than the standard oval, I went with a pear shape. Geometric shapes are a fun, accessory detail to add and a little unexpected. Hexagons, longer ovals, or hearts would also be great choices!

Stencil is ready
Step 3:

Take your needle and thread, and sew on your patches. Use your mark as the center of where your patches will be sewn on. I used a running stitch to sew on quickly, but almost any stitch will work!

Step 4:

Wear and enjoy! Everytime you receive a compliment, you can let them know that you made it.

Fall Fashion Ready

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Jen (Mama's Magic Studio) said...

adorable! love the pear shape especially!!!

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